Month: August 2015

Not Starving

Somehow, someway, I have a little over $100.00 more in my checking account than I thought I had, with no pending transactions or checks. I am tempted to take a trip to Half-Price books to buy a book or a journal or something…some tiny luxury to lift my spirits a little. But on the other fuckin’ hand, I have a utility bill that is starting to rival my credit card balance, so I should save it for that.

Being perpetually low on money has taught me that I don’t have to eat every time I feel hungry. I can drink water or brew some of my cheap, unfair trade coffee to curb my appetite. But I don’t have to eat every time I feel hungry. There are worse things that I’ve been through…far worse things than feeling hungry. I have coffee, oatmeal and eggs and that’s fine for now. Fuck eating.

I want to look back on this part of my life and think…know that it was all worth it. That it was all leading to somewhere great for me. It doesn’t make any sense to me now, but I hope it will some fuckin’ day. God must be putting me through this for some reason.


A big-ass burrito

It’s the beginning of the month, so I can afford things – things like a full tank of gas, Chipotle, a couple of movie rentals from iTunes, groceries. It won’t last long, though. I ate a big-ass burrito and a half-pint of ice cream today, but I feel good even though I only slept for a couple hours last night. But I am tired and my stomach is full.

If Carrie at work was single, I’d probably ask her out and end-up banging her. She has athletic legs and bouncy boobs. She’s at least someone to talk to these days.

I picked up some Nyquil today, and I’m going to drink some and get a badly needed eight hours tonight. I am so tired that I probably won’t even masturbate to Nicole Aniston tonight.

I said I “probably” won’t…

hottest babe ever

Nicole Aniston