I Wish She was my escort

she cuts my hair

she cuts my hair

I want a live-in girlfriend. I want to be lying in bed and hear her in the kitchen making noise. I want to hear her laughing in the bathroom when she’s putting on her makeup. I want a good night’s sleep.

I dreamed last night that Kelley (she cuts my hair) was an escort and I was her client. She was naked, standing up and putting on her wrist watch after we had just had sex. I was pretty disappointed when I woke up because it wasn’t true.

The depression hasn’t been too bad lately. It was here a little tonight. I really miss the excitement of getting ready for a date on the weekend. But at times I really feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown. I’m not fucking sleeping, and the financial stress of my life is fucking really wearing on me. My damn paychecks do a quick disappearing act from bills. I’d like to have some disposable income again. I’m having a nervous breakdown.


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