Month: January 2015

I’m Just Lonely, That’s All

Angela came over this past Saturday and brightened my cold, ordinarily depressed winter day with some badly needed intimacy. She undressed and got in bed with me. There was kissing, body-to-body contact and she finished with an award winning handjob. She didn’t want to fuck me because she doesn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend.

But now it’s Sunday night and I’m alone and the pillows still smell like her hair. She’s in bed with him on this painfully cold evening and he’s getting more than a handy. I was bummed all day thinking I missed her, but I miss anyone now. It’s not her, it’s the winter loneliness. It’s why Kilby left Minneapolis for Austin and he seems to be doing alright.

Tomorrow night I’m going to go running around the lakes until all I can feel is the pain in my legs and lungs. That is better than feeling lonely any day.