Month: June 2014

Dry Humpin’ and Fingerin’

Another big night last night, so I had to spend all day in recovery today. I met up with Jacobson, Rass and Shannon after work at the Loon. Jen met up with us after dinner. She was pretty aggressive from the beginning…rubbing my leg underneath the table. We hauled our drunk asses over to Bull’s…don’t know why. Everyone was there. We were getting friendly at Bull’s. Shannon kissed me because Rass kissed me at the Loon. Jacobson and Rass kissed too.

In the cab to Rass’s, I was sitting next to Jen and we were rubbing each other’s legs. She was moaning. I had to convince her that I no longer have the hots for Amy or Jaci (I lied in Jaci’s case). She continued being aggressive at Rass’s. Rass was showing me how Pro Tools works, then Jen came and grabbed me and pulled me into the bedroom.

I didn’t bang her. The furthest she let me go is she let me finger her above her panties. She said she didn’t know me well enough. We messed around in the morning too. She was pretty horny and wet. I thought she was going to go down on me, but all she did was kiss my stomach and bite me a little. Jen has a nice body, though…very in-shape. I called her today. I don’t know if we’ll hook-up again. But she’s nice and I didn’t want to just blow her off. We’ll see.

I was really fucking hungover again today. It’s unusual for me to feel that shitty from just beer. I was nauseous too. Slept most of the day. I didn’t sleep at all Thursday night after taking some codeine. I had a long day and then got really drunk. After Jen and I messed around a little this morning, I slept for about an hour with my contacts in.