The Ol’ Bait and Switch…But I Didn’t Mind

I have a “massage” appointment later today. I saw this hot Russian lady on Backpage and I couldn’t not try her out. I can’t afford this, but then again, I need this now. I was really depressed today about my life and this will help. Plus, I haven’t cum in like three-days, so I should have a nice load. I really need a girl’s hands on my cock now.

I should run a razor over my cock first. Get it nice and smooth. I hope she’s as hot as her picture. I just need some affection now – even if it’s artificial. Something to lift my spirits for a bit.


The house was in northeast Minneapolis. I was  a little suspicious and almost bailed. An older woman met me half-way near Psycho Suzi’s. She parked her car, got into my car and we drove to this tiny house with a tiny driveway. Inside, I saw a closed circuit surveillance camera on the exterior of the house. I think I got the “bait and switch” because the hot Russian girl wasn’t there. I doubt she even exists.

The old woman led me to a small, dark back room. An Asian girl was sitting on the bed when she opened the door. “Honey” was wearing a red piece of lingerie. I undressed and she started. I paid $120.00 for the half-hour. She said if I wanted her nude, it would be $140.00. So I did. She undressed to the most perfect body I’ve ever seen in-person. Perfect implants. Pierced nipples.

I got hard immediately. She was stroking me and I was rubbing her nipples. She was moaning and said it felt nice. The half-hour was nearing and I asked her to get in the 69 position. I almost wanted her to stay in front of me because her body looked so perfect. But she put her ass right in front of my face. I was cupping her tits. I exploded. Exploded hard. She was moaning with me as I was cumming. She gave me some Kleenex and got me a wet cloth.

Was it worth it? I don’t know. Her body was perfect. Those fake boobs…incredible. It was $140.00 that I pulled from my credit card. Money for bills, and now it’s gone. I feel a little guilty for using what little money I have for filth. A little shame. My friends have their wives/girlfriends, and I’m in a dimly lit room with an Asian (albeit hot) prostitute. Is that my life?

I needed that, though. I was really down today because of the expense of life. The cost of being poor. Sucks.


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