I Wish I Didn’t Care

I got really, really drunk last night. I went to Chino Latino  with Cheney and some other people. I saw Rox and Hamper there and went to Liquor Lyle’s with them. I saw Elizabeth right when I walked in the door. The coolest thing was that I wasn’t even affected by it. I went over to say “hi” to her in my drunken state and that was it. I had zero interest in talking to her. She left without saying goodbye and that was fine. She was with her girlfriend from high school that I met on New Years Eve. I wouldn’t even cared if she was with some dude, but she wasn’t. So cool that she doesn’t matter to me – so fuckin’ cool. She probably thinks I’m totally uncool.

I went to Hamper’s afterward and I ended up making out with Tasha in the basement. I probably shouldn’t have done that since I have no interest in her. I was just so incredibly drunk and stupid.

I wish I would’ve looked cooler when I saw Elizabeth. I wish I would’ve been with someone. I wish I didn’t care about this stupid shit, but she didn’t affect me.





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