Happy Ending

I was bored and alone – shocker! I e-mailed another “massage” on Backpage and she called me back immediately. She was $150.00/hour – a little expensive, but I wanted to get jerked-off again. I drove to the Clarion Hotel in Bloomington to meet her. She was a light-skinned black girl. Big boobs. They felt nice against my back. I’ve never had a girl with boobs that big before.

She (Erin) straddled my naked body and stroked my cock good. She kept her panties on, though. I was playing with her nipples and she was moaning and tilting her head back. I was focusing on not cumming. I loved her boobs. She was really squeezing my cock while I played with her nipples. At one point, she started bouncing up and down like we were fucking. Just as she was reaching around to massage my balls, I came a fucking amazing orgasm. All the sensual stroking must make orgasms better. The orgasm seemed to last longer than normal.

So I’m paying women to get naked with me and jerk me off and to tit fuck them. All my friends have wives and I do this. So what?








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