Month: April 2014

Drank All Night

Drunk. It’s 2pm and I haven’t been to bed yet…still up from last night. Drank all night. Hooked up with Stacey. I didn’t bang her, but I kind of ate her out. Had her shirt off. Going to bed now. Probably sleep all day.

I was three days from living up to my Lenten promise of no drinking. I failed. I lived up to the no sex, though. Going down on a girl and handjobs from massage girls don’t count as sex.


A Pearl Necklace for Abigail

I had the day off from work so I arranged a massage with Abigail in Minneapolis. I showed up not knowing what I was in for. I knew I would at least get a handjob. I just hoped it would be better than the fat chick that showed up last time at my apartment.

Abigail was decent looking – not obese. She told me to get undressed and lie down. I was lying on my stomach and she eventually got completely naked. She had fat and stretch marks around her mid-section. Her boobs were small and she had a waxed pussy. I would’ve fucked her, though. She let me touch her tits and ass. She began stroking my cock and that was awesome. I love the hands of a female on my stiff cock. I was focusing on not cumming. It was feeling way too nice.

She lied down on the table and let me tit fuck her. Her tits were small so she had to provide extra friction with her hand. I loved the way she was moaning when I was fucking her tits. She was moaning like I was inside her. It was very sensual and erotic. My naked body on top of hers. My stiff cock between her tits. Her moaning.

I came and shot a stream right underneath her chin. She laughed. I don’t think she expected that type of explosion. All the stroking and foreplay made the orgasm that much better. I gave her a nice pearl necklace.

We stood up and she wiped me off first. I was talking to her as she had my cum all over her chest. I’ll go see her again.