My Tattoo

I’ve decided to get Alkaline Trio’s heart tattooed on me. Maybe something else too.

Meaghan e-mailed me back. I told her I was down at SXSW and she called me a “fucker” and asked why I didn’t call her. She said she thought I might have been down there and she was walking around there at the same time. So she hasn’t completely forgotten about me. I can still get some emotion out of her – anger.

Why don’t I have someone special? I don’t even miss Meaghan. I just wanted some acknowledgement from her. I don’t know why. Been beating-off a lot lately. Three times a day sometimes. I wish the really warm weather would hurry up and get here.

And the city is still in a deep mourning from Aristea Brady’s departure. Not since the 35W bridge collapse has this city seen such sadness.



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