Jobs and Apartments

Finally. Fucked Kim last night. It wasn’t that great ,though. Her pussy had a slight odor to it, but I still went down on her for about 30-minutes and made her cum. She straddled my mouth and then on her back. We didn’t fuck ’til this morning, though, but then we fucked twice. Came in her both times.

I walked her to her car and then I walked to Woullet’s for a large black coffee and two chocolate donuts. Lethargic – that’s how I felt. I sat at a window seat and looked out at Hennepin Avenue. It was its usual cold, dirty, gray, slushy self on a Saturday. One of my biggest fears (the list keeps growing) is that I’ll look back on my life and see just a series of jobs and apartments. Jobs and apartments. Nothing to be proud of or hold onto. Nothing. No career success to be proud of. Help me.


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