A V-Day BJ

Got a pretty good blowjob from an escort earlier today. She sucked my balls and gave me her personal phone number so I don’t have to go through the “house” next time.

I feel like I need to move to break the feeling of complacency that fuckin’ hangs over me. Everyone has something. I don’t feel that. Going out and hanging out at the bar isn’t like it used to be. Not fun. Fucking’ – a, where have all the good times gone? Won’t you tell me?

I kissed Kim last night. Met her at Chammps after she got off work. Had drinks and we kissed at our cars. She looked hot as fuck too. Her awesome rack bursting from a purple bra. She told me she had the biggest crush on me when I worked with her. We made plans tonight, but she hasn’t called yet. If she doesn’t, I’ll just go for a run. She mentioned sleeping over tonight…would be great to cum inside her and feel her tongue ring on my cock.

Tawnel called today – twice. No way in hell can I go see her after kissing Kim.


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