Wet Spot…All Me

Went to Frank’s party last night. It kind of sucked – only stayed for about an hour. I called Elizabeth and met her at Bullwinkle’s. She didn’t sound too excited when I called her. She later said she was trying to play it cool. She kissed me when she saw me. We went to Ann’s after bar party. It was pretty mellow and all. But Elizabeth and I started messing around in one of the spare bedrooms. Prior to that, we were were sitting next to each other and I was rubbing her neck and back.

We went upstairs and started messing around. She sat up on the window ledge. I took off her shirt and bra. She was sitting topless on the window and I started kissing her neck. We went to one of the downstairs bedrooms and laid a blanket on the floor. It was cool how we were looking for a room to mess around in. So we locked the door and turned off the lights.

By the way, Elizabeth looked so gorgeous. She was wearing all black and her body and hair were so gorgeous! We both undressed. She took off her tights and skirt. I asked her if I could go down on her and she said I could. I took off her panties (another g-string), and I ate her out for about 10-minutes. It was so fucking awesome. There was no odor and she tasted fantastic! My tongue was so deep inside her. She was moaning and writhing on the floor.

She pulled me up on her and put me inside her. I could hear Matt and the other drunk fuckers running around the house outside the door…right in the hallway. The room we were in didn’t have a lock. We had to place some empty boxes in front of it, but that wouldn’t prevent anyone from pushing the door open and seeing me balls deep inside Elizabeth. So that was on my mind as I began to gently thrust.

The floor was uncomfortable and it was about 6am when we started the sex. I had been up for about 24-hours straight, so I was happy that I was hard and inside her…no condom or even a discussion of a condom. I kissed her as I came inside her. She didn’t get up to pee afterward. We just lied there for about 20-minutes. As far as I know there is still a wet spot/stain on that carpet…all me.


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