Rub it Out

It’s funny how I actually miss working at Wells Fargo now. I miss being a part of an office environment and the quietness of the second shift. But I remember the shitty feeling I would get every single day as I would approach the main entrance. That painful feeling of knowing that  I was under-achieving in my life. Knowing that I could and should be doing better by myself. It’s just the work that I miss now, that’s all.

Victoria (landlord) came over today to change the air filter in the furnace. I had to quickly wake up, clean a little and hide the cum rag and Febreeze the place to get rid of my fart smell. We had a nice chat, and I lied about working from home so she hopefully won’t think I’m some unemployed loser. She’s thin and attractive in a way that her personality would make her seem cooler.

I drank two Miller tall boys last night and felt kind of shitty this morning. And looking at Victoria’s thin hips and flat stomach made me rub one out as soon as she left with a little help from Nicole Aniston.

(click for perfection)


One comment

  1. Damn, from the way you describe your landlord, she must be quite the looker. How old is she? I’ve only had landlords that are old ass women.

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