Screw Tawnel

Forced myself to do cardio today at the gym even though I felt bloated as hell. I was running and thinking that there’s no fucking way I want to continue seeing Tawnel. I knock myself out to look good and I remember seeing Tawnel’s bathrobe hanging on her door and it looked like a fucking ten-man tent. When she wears it you can see her gut hanging out. She has a big double chin and she doesn’t seem to care. I’ve yet to see her with make-up and without sweats. I hate it when she calls me “baby” because she’s overweight and unattractive. I don’t want someone like that thinking i’m her “baby”.

When she’s lying in bed naked, she looks like a beached whale that’s impossible to move. She’s trashy. She showed me pics of her vacation with her last b/f and his family and it was white trash central. All of them thinking that drinking in a bar in Deadwood is good time. There was a pic of her trying to look sexy and all I noticed was her chins. She sits around her house drinking and smoking and it makes her fatter. And then she expects me to drive all the way over and fuck her.

I’m over it. I deserve someone more attractive and in shape. I have to shit now.


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