G-Strings and Spoonin’

A pretty sweet Friday night last night. I went  to Di’s party because I knew Elizabeth would be there. It was weird at first because we hadn’t seen each other in awhile, so we really didn’t talk the first part of the evening. Eventually, we began talking and sitting next to each other – people noticed. We began talking on the bed at around 4am. I was so fucking tired because I had worked all day. But we smooched a little on the bed – I don’t think anyone saw us.

Then she suggested we go into the bedroom. I don’t think anyone saw us go in there. We got under the covers and began making out. It was about 5am. She got undressed and she has a sweet body. Really nice tits – round and firm. And she was wearing a g-string. So I was totally sucking on her boobs and here’s the best part…she has a pierced clitoris! And she’s really clean shaven down there, but she wouldn’t let me eat her out. So I fingered her for awhile and other stuff.

It was so awesome lying next to her totally naked. She has such a great body. I was thinking that I couldn’t believe I was lying next to this attractive naked girl with a great body, long blonde hair and a g-string. We didn’t have sex, though, which is cool. I was way too tired and I enjoyed just lying next to her naked body, spooning her, rubbing her ass and thigh, running my hand across her finely shaved pubic hairs. It was an awesome evening and hopefully next time we can sleep together.

I’m not going to over-analyze this, though. Just take it for what it is.


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