Rubber Checks

Just wrote a check to NSP for 108.00 that i can’t possibly cover. They were going to disconnect me so i had zero choice. My 163.00 payment to the IRS is due in two days and that’ll be another check i won’t cover.

No hope in sight but for some fucked up reason i still believe in myself – that i’ll get out of this. That I’ll be successful and have a house and be happy someday. My destiny isn’t to live a shitty, depressing existence…i know it isn’t.

The idea that I would ever send Tawnel flowers is fucking laughable – she hinted at it once. The last person I sent flowers to was Melissa because she’s gorgeous with the bod to match. Tawnel isn’t even close to that and never will be. She’s actually scary looking w/ her freaky big double chin; it’s so pronounced and round. Her mouth is small which makes it look even bigger. I can’t believe i fucked her all those times when she looked like absolute shit and was un-showered. Gross!


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