Make out. Puke. Make Out

What a night last night…Dave and I went to Zelo – met Jim and Ed there. Kirsten and her friends were there. Jen was there too. I met Kirsten’s friend, Kelley. I was really hammered. We ended up on the dance floor totally dirty dancing. We walked hand-in-hand back to her car – I barely remember that. Went to Dave’s house and went straight to the bedroom. Immediately we start making out.

I started to get really dizzy from all the beers, so I excused myself and went outside to the backyard to puke. Went back upstairs and got back on top of her. I kept trying to unzip her pants but she stopped me. I started kissing her stomach and made my way to her boobs. I had her boob over her bra and was sucking on her nipple. So we fooled around for a little bit more and she went home.

She gave me her phone number.Funny thing, Kelley lives with the guy that Kirsten has been dating – he was there last night too. I was kind of jealous? protective? when I was watching him and Kirsten last night. I spoke with Kirsten today, we’re going to a movie this week.

Just stayed in today and slept.


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