drink. perkins. sleep.

I got really hammered last night. Went to the Turf Club with Rass and went to his house and played music ’til 4am. Stopped at Perkins on my way home and ate breakfast. Got home around 6am. Felt really shitty all day and slept until 3pm today. Was able to buy food today, though. Spent my last liquid cash. Another long, boring week of staying in and watching TV.

I wish I had something to do each day. A place to be – somewhere to go. Maybe the APC will call me this week. I hope things pick up momentum for me this week, but I say that every week. I am really getting scared about money now. Don’t know if I’ll make it. I can’t even afford to buy ink for my printer. I never thought it would get this bad. The APC is a promising lead, though. I hope it works out. I really can’t stay this broke for long. I need clothes and to pay off my debt – or start to pay it off.

It’d be cool if Nicole would call me. Would be nice to see her but I can’t afford to take her out.


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