Rejected and Dejected

Was really depressed, a mess, rejected and dejected today – all day. Stayed in all day and forced myself to work out late. Glad I did. Woke up my body and improved my outlook.

Made out with Kim last night…we’ve done that before. We made “definite” plans for today after she was done with work. I called her this afternoon and she was still in bed, and not alone. Whatev. No big. We were making out in her car last night and she told me she wants to pursue something with me. And her tarot card reader told her she is supposed to be with an older man. Shows Kim’s less than stellar education and sub-par intelligence.

But today was incredibly lonely – the worst it’s been in awhile. I wish I had money to visit family.

Allison is a memory. She won’t even talk to me. She was way too in love with me. She lost sight of reality. I would love to see Jessica this week. I need her now…someone to make me feel wanted and nice.

Even though today sucked, I got through it. I’m going to bed feeling better. I won’t be in this apartment much longer. Things will get better for me. A better salary and a better life. I’ll blow off Kim and she’ll love me. She’ll chase me.


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