sore abs

My lower abs are pretty sore from the sex last night – all the thrusting. I don’t think I could’ve thrust that long if I weren’t in such good shape. I shouldn’t take this sudden influx of relationship-free sex for granted. I’ve gone so long without it.

Sofie called earlier tonight. I think she just wants this to be sex too. Her calls and requests for conversation aren’t as frequent as I thought they would be. I thought she would want to be my g/f. I spent today all alone reading “Smashed” in my kitchen. Digital music stations provided the background noise. One year ago I was going through the heartbreak of Meaghan – she’s pretty insignificant to me now.

I keep thinking of the noises Sofie makes when we have sex. The yell she lets out when I enter her. How she tries to pull me deeper into her. It’s weird fucking her, being in the moment with her. The way I ask her how my cock feels. The way she moans my name. I cum inside her and then she leaves. It feels empty, but at least she doesn’t spend the night.

I should get really fucked up this week. Maybe take Friday off and get f’d up on Thursday night. I desperately need a new computer.



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