Drunk Sex Again

I shouldn’t have bought Angela home last night. She’s too nice and I’m going to be majorly ashamed of it for awhile. I was so not turned-on by her. I couldn’t believe I was doing that. I tried to get aroused and cum but I couldn’t. I wanted it to end. So glad she didn’t stay over.

As she was going down on me, all I could think about is the last girl who was in that bed with me was Meaghan. This meaningless girl, who I’m not attracted to, was sucking my cock. And Meaghan is probably lying next to some guy that she really cares about. Melissa is with someone she cares about. I’m broke and have nobody to care about. Fucking nobody!

I hate this one-night-stand shame. I hate when I get that drunk. Scared straight. I hope Melissa doesn’t find out about that. Don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Want this week to be over with.



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