Too Sensitive?

Meaghan still hasn’t replied to my recent e-mail. It doesn’t really bother me, though – not so much as it would’ve six months ago anyway. Just another affirmation of how someone I once cared for now views me as insignificant. I sometimes think that I’m way too sensitive and emotional for my own good. That I would be stronger and more adult if I didn’t analyze my feelings so much. Fuck it.

Sitting in my kitchen on a Friday afternoon, drinking a coke. I may start drinking pretty soon. I want to drink and watch, play some music later on.

I’ve completely lost touch with S.R. I never returned her phone call because she never returned mine. She wasn’t that attractive to me in the first place. Her mouth was way too small for her face. She most likely won’t make it in music. I need something to do besides masturbate.


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