I got really wasted last night and I hate it! It’s so fuckin’ useless to get like that – especially when nothing cool happened. An uneventful night. I spent money that I couldn’t afford – money that was supposed to pay some bills. Now I’m back to being negative in my checking account again with no paychecks in sight. And I felt like shit all day – physically and mentally. Not fuckin’ worth it. Getting that drunk for no reason isn’t worth it.

Tomorrow will be a good day. Hopefully I’ll get a paycheck. Maybe word on the second interview. Just drank some Ovaltine. Bedtime now. Please let tomorrow go well.

I need money and success to secure some things in life. I am so un-impressive right now. I have nothing to offer to anyone. Why would any girl want to commit to me? I need to acquire more things in life. I will get that job too.

Another depressing, gray winter at my current shit job is too much. No fuckin’ way could I handle that.


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