I’m still writing generic marketing copy in an inexplicably humid part of the building. Despite the humidity inside, the female intern at the end of the aisle still wears long sleeve sweaters over long sleeve shirts.

Between Taylor’s petite, groundbreaking ass and bouncy rack, and Elena’s long legs, panty lines and perfect shirt puppets, I sit there with an erection half the day. And then there’s Ashley and Lindsay – the sisters I wouldn’t mind taking a shower with…who needs benefits when I have that?

Actually, I need benefits and a career. I think I’ll post on CL and see what happens. Maybe I can use CL for something other than finding a “massage.”

On the way home, the female pan-handler at the intersection had the same pair of K-Swiss sneakers that I have. Hers looked more worn and cooler.

I’m going for another late night run tonight because my pair of Diesels don’t fit like they used to.


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