Using Birthday Cash to See an Escort

I had been noticing her Backpage posting for awhile.  Mainly because she was the only attractive provider – almost seemed too good to be true that she was in that type of business.  In her picture, she appeared young, tanned and thin with blond hair down to the middle of her back.  She was striking a pose facing a wall with her ass sticking outward.  I still had about $500 of birthday cash sitting right next to my computer, so in a fit of sexual frustration and nothing else to do, I picked up the phone.

It was mid-afternoon.  She picked up almost immediately.  Her voice sounded soft and seductive and I was a little nervous and intimidated.  She called me “honey.”  I asked if it was actually her in the Backpage picture and she said, “of course.”  She said it’s $150.00 per hour incall and $200 per hour outcall.  I decided to save $50 and go to her.  We scheduled our “appointment” for 4:00.  She told me the address of her apartment complex and told me to call her when I reached the parking lot.  She would then tell me the apartment number to go to.  I hung up the phone thinking that I can’t believe I just did that.  Immediately, the vision of Tom Cruise as “Joel” sitting on his bedroom floor, wearing a catcher’s mask while calling “Lana,” entered my head.

I had about an hour to kill before 4:00.  I wanted to be clean for her because she oddly looked very clean and almost virginal in her picture.  I know – sounds weird. I showered, shaved and trimmed all parts in-between.  I was getting anxious.  I arrived in the parking lot and called her.  The complex was rather run-down but in a decent part of the city.  It looked like a Section 8 development with kids in kool-aid mustaches running around and Big Wheels on the tiny apartment patios.

She said she would buzz me in and to come up to the third floor.  There was no elevator so I trotted up the stairs, skipping every other step.  I got to the third floor and she was standing in the doorway right in front of me.  To my right, there was a guy putting some clothes in the dryer.  I wondered if he knew what was going on next to him.

She looked just like her picture.  She was wearing a thin, white top – it looked almost like a lingerie top with an empire waist.  She was barefoot and wearing the smallest white shorts.  She looked great and I couldn’t believe I was about to be inside her.  She was about to be one of the most attractive women I’d ever been with and I was paying her for it.  At the time, it didn’t strike me as weird or even slightly illegal.

I walked through the doorway into a messy and rather empty apartment.  There was a couch against the wall and a TV on the floor showing a Law and Order repeat.  The walls were a dark vanilla and void of any decorations.  The carpeting was dirty brown and some spots were worn through.  Next to the couch was a circular end table with cigarettes, an ashtray, cellphone and other things that didn’t matter to me.  I wondered if she actually lived there or if she shared it with other girls and they used if for their dates or home-based businesses – the budding entrepreneurs that they are.  I pulled out my wallet and she asked,

“You’re not a cop are you?”  Everyone has heard at one time that if you ask a cop this, they have to admit it.
“No, do I look like a cop?”
“Kind of.  You have the build,” she said as she motioned with her hands that I have broad shoulders.  Even a compliment from a prostitute feels nice.

I placed the $150 “donation” on the end table and we started to undress ourselves.  This was the oddest erotic foreplay.  The idea that I saw her in the doorway sixty seconds prior, and now she’s removing her clothing. She took off the white shorts first, no panties, and apologized for it being so hot in the apartment.  She was still wearing the white top when she asked if we could do it on the couch because the bedroom was too stuffy.  I didn’t care.  I was completely mesmerized by this 21-year-old girl with tanned, smooth skin and blond hair talking to me wearing a top and completely naked from the waist down.  Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and dark blonde.  She removed her top and now we’re two naked people about to complete a business transaction.

I sat on the couch and she got on her knees between my legs.  She slipped the condom on my half-aroused penis.  I thought of all the others who sat on the same couch, but quickly put it out of my mind. I was in her mouth and I’m looking down – watching her gorgeous head give me head.  The Law and Order episode was still on the TV with the volume at medium level.

After a couple minutes, I stood up.  She knelt on the couch with her forearms resting on the back of the couch.  Doggie isn’t my favorite position because even without a condom, there’s not a lot of friction.  She reached around with her left hand and guided me in her.  Slow at first and then I started pumping.  I looked down and saw my cock going in and out of this perfect ass that was absent stretch marks or even the smallest blemish.  I thought she must get a Brazilian wax.

Her cell rang and I told her it was okay to answer.  She said normally she wouldn’t but her sister is in jail and it might be her calling.  With me still inside her, we shuffled slightly to the left so she could grab the phone from the end table.  I liked the idea of continuing to pound away as she talked to someone on the phone – the voice on the other end being an unwilling voyeur.

She had one hand on the couch and says into her phone, “I’m sorry baby, you’re going to have to call me back later.”  It was another guy calling to schedule an appointment.  This turned me on even more.  She began to pant heavily, but I was losing my hard-on.  Damn doggie position.  After ten minutes she said, “We’re going to have to finish.  My asthma is really bad.”  It wasn’t my sexual prowess making her pant, it was her tiny lung capacity.  Now my hard-on was completely gone.

I stood up and she got on her knees to start sucking me again. I was at full-mast again in no time.  I told her she could finish me with her hand/mouth if we got in the 69 position.  She agreed.  I laid on my back and she stood above me and straddled me backwards.  In the brief time she was standing over me, I saw the stretch marks from childbirth on her stomach.

She settled on top of me and applied some lube to my condom-covered cock.  Her ass was right on my chest and I spread her cheeks to completely expose everything.  Her vaginal lips were pertruding, hanging down and touching my chest.  Her asshole was two inches from my face and was just as tan as the rest of her body.  Even this close to her, there was no odor of any kind.  She must shower between appointments.

I came.  She got up and began to wipe off her hands.  Her vaginal lips left two moisture marks on my chest.  I almost didn’t want them to go away.  I walked to the bathroom and flushed the condom.  I was getting dressed while she stood there naked.  She apologized for her asthma and I said it was alright.

She put on her white shorts and said she goes to college when she’s not doing this.  Her Backpage postings consistently have glaring misspellings and grammatical errors, so I wonder if she’s telling the truth.  Maybe she meant junior college or vocational school.  But I won’t pass judgment – maybe because she’s so pretty or because she just took me for $150.00 for twenty minutes of work and I’m the dumb one.


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